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Come inside and avoid the rain at Ozford Melbourne!

Were you affected by that heavy rain on your way to Ozford Melbourne this morning? Last night over a month’s worth of rain fell in Melbourne, causing flash flooding and lots of disruption to commuters and travelers on their journey into the city, with the wet weather expected to stick around here in Melbourne until […]

At Ozford Melbourne a happy high school student is a happy high school achiever.

At Ozford Melbourne our high school students work hard and we know that they appreciate the facilities that we have here to take a break, chat and catch up with friends. We too, understand these important moments to ensure a relaxing and productive break. At Ozford Melbourne we are committed to providing quality educational programs […]

Study your Bachelor of Business here at Ozford Melbourne.

Have you been thinking recently about the future prospects of studying a Bachelor of Business Program? Want to know a bit more about what you could achieve and where your future may lie? Here at Ozford Melbourne we can help with this. Our Bachelor of Business Courses provide students with the opportunity to choose between […]

Find your competitive streak at Ozford Melbourne.

Are you competitive? Or do you just love a good board game? Well, at Ozford Melbourne we have tonnes of resources to feed that competitive nature, including our ground floor library that is stacked full of fun and exciting games for our students to play. Not only is playing board games a great way to […]

A couple of study tips from Ozford Melbourne.

Ever had those days when you feel like nothing is going in? And the more you try the less you retain? Well, here at Ozford Melbourne we understand the importance of being able to study well and so we are giving you just a few tips to help boost your studying potential! Check them out […]

Ozford Melbourne ELICOS students help Clean Up Australia!

Are you a litterbug? Here at the Ozford Melbourne English Language Centre, ESSP students took action and made videos about littering to help raise awareness about the effects of waste and rubbish in our environment in response to Clean Up Australia day which was taking place yesterday, the 1st March. You can check them out […]

March Madness – what’s happening here at Ozford Melbourne this month.

This weekend marked the turn of a new month, March. March has been described as perfect for events in Melbourne with the great weather and everyone anticipating and welcoming this transition in the seasons. Here at Ozford Melbourne we are embracing this change and are looking forward to see what March has to offer. With […]

At Ozford Melbourne we want to know your plans for the weekend!

Did you realise that tomorrow is February the 29th? This isn’t something that is a regular occurrence. February 29th is a day that only takes place once every 4 years and according to the BBC it’s a necessary day because of the ‘messiness’ of our solar system. One Earth year (a complete orbit around the […]

Ozford Melbourne ELICOS students spend an afternoon up the Eureka Tower!

Did you know that the Eureka Skydeck is the highest public viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere; at a generous 984.3ft (300 metres)? And the tower also has a whole lot of stairs – 3,680 stairs to be exact. On Thursday the 27th February Ozford Melbourne’s ELICOS students were lucky enough to go and visit […]

A top reason to come and study at Ozford Melbourne!

Did you know that Melbourne is the best student city in Australia?! This is due to key features such as the high standard and quality of living, a vibrant multicultural society and a diverse selection of events and activities that take place throughout the year, all of which attracted over 200,000 international students to the […]

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