IELTS Test Preparation

(CRICOS Code 050470M)


The IELTS Test Preparation course provides intensive preparation and practice in the skills required to successfully sit the IELTS exam. It has been designed for students who require IELTS scores for entry into further study, for employment or for migration purposes. The course focuses on practising the macro skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) that are tested in the exam and is specially designed around its skill descriptors, allowing for specific, relevant and targeted lessons.
Course Fees
International: $360 per week
Domestic: $290 per week
Other Fees

*fees are subject to change

speaking-2 Practising a wide range of topics, Fluency, Building confidence, Pronunciation, Intonation/ Rhythm, Word stress, Grammar, Organising information, Using discourse markers


Listening for gist, Listening for specific information, Understanding information and speaker’s attitude, Listening to instructions, Listening and note-taking

writing-2 Note-taking and summarising, Describing and analysing, Comparing and contrasting, Understanding structure in writing tasks, Interpreting graphical information, Punctuation, spelling, discourse markers, Grammar and syntax
reading-2 Reading for general comprehension/ skimming, Reading for specific information/ scanning, Reading a variety of text types, Understanding complex vocabulary, Matching information, Understanding instructions