Professor Rodger Eade

Emeritus Prof Rodger EadeTest

Professor Rodger Eade


Chair of the Academic Board


B.Econ. (Monash); M.Econ. (La Trobe)


Professor Rodger Eade is a former academic and former senior manager and policy advisor at Victoria University. Rodger was trained as an economist and originally taught in planning and economics, after working as a Research Economist at the ANZ Bank and the Commonwealth Bureau of Roads. After teaching full-time for almost 20 years, Rodger was a Head of School Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Arts and a series of senior management positions. He is a Senior Sessional Panel Member at Planning Panels Victoria. Rodger has wide experience in planning, and has been a member of and has chaired Panels for significant developments including the Scoresby Transport Corridor, now Eastlink, and Advisory Committees for Logical Inclusions and Standard Development Contributions. He has held other government appointments chairing significant planning projects. Rodger has been a Director and Chair of the Western Region Health Centre Ltd. Rodger is an experienced and qualified Company Director.