Last Thursday 21 June, ELICOS classes went on an excursion to Strike Bowling QV. This trip allowed us the opportunity to take a break from their studies and enjoy some fun time together. This excursion was a team bonding experience as its finest! The whole group socialized and laughed together, which created a close bond between students that was visible to all staff. Some of the students experienced bowling for first time and got to flaunt their skills and ability in scoring impressively. Thank you to all those who joined this event and made it a fun experience. We would love to experience this again andRead More →

Block Delivery Model Instead of worrying of juggling multiple loads of assignments and exams, students can have an easier study life, which can help them to gain a valuable work experience (Ozford Internship placement) while studying.   From July 2018, all First Year units will be delivered via a new block delivery model to assist students’ transition into Higher Education study, so you can focus better and build up a better outcome! More →

In support of the Good Friday Appeal, ELICOS students hit the streets of the Melbourne CBD last week to collect money for the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital. As part of the General English Skills class students engaged with the community speaking confidently to members of the general public asking for small donations for the children’s charity. The charity raised a record-breaking total of more than $18 million in the Good Friday Appeal. The students who volunteered will receive a certificate of recognition from the charity. A big thank you to all those students who gave up their time in support of such a worthy cause.Read More →

This term Year 11 and Year 12 EAL students have been studying a novel in AoS1, Reading and Creating Texts. Year 11 have just completed their summative assessment on ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’ by Mark Haddon. This novel tells the story of 15 year old Christopher Boone, who ‘knows all the countries of the world and their capital cities, and every prime number up to 7,507.’ Christopher has a photographic memory; he understands Maths; he understands Science – what he can’t understand are other human beings. Christopher has Asperger’s Syndrome. He discovers his neighbour’s dog dead on the lawn atRead More →

  We held the Ozford 2018 Harmony Day Concert.  We wore orange, the colour of Harmony Day, and we celebrated our diversity through storytelling, song and dance.  Every ELICOS student participated in the concert.  We are very proud of the effort each student put in to make the day such a special event.  Thanks everyone.    Read More →

This is the ESSP 2 class during their Health and Wellbeing Friday workshop. In this class the students identified their skills and attributes. They discussed what skills they need for particular jobs and wrote some life goals. This class was a part of the ELC Student Success Week. It is our goal to help each Ozford student work towards becoming a global citizen and increase their employability. #studentsuccess#ozfordsuccessRead More →

Last week was Student Success week in the English Language Centre. Here is the Skills 3 class writing up their favourite success quotes and discussing ways to keep motivated in work and study.  Last week during the skills classes ELICOS students created an Ozfolio, edited their CV, and set career goals.  Our classes are aimed at helping our students prepare for their professional pathway. Any student who would like further assistance with their Ozfolioor with job seeking advice can email Melanie Bellido Butler (ELICOS) to book an appointment  Alternatively, you can find Melanie in the library Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 3pm-4pm. Your positive actionRead More →

Last week, we welcomed a group of new students to our Higher Education programs. The orientation day was designed to give our newly arrived students the opportunity to meet one another and to learn more about Ozford. Over the course of the day, they met and heard from many OIHE staff members who presented them with a comprehensive overview of the Institute, courses offered and life in Melbourne in general. They were offered insights and practical advice for making the most of their time ahead. A Q&A session followed and the day ended with a tour of the campus,including a visit to the library. WeRead More →

In celebration of the Winter Olympics last week’s ELICOS excursion was an ice-skating session on Obrien’s Arena located in the Docklands.  It was such an enjoyable day.  Even though some of the time was spent trying to balance and falling over, there were many laughs had by all. Just like learning a new sport, learning a language is a great challenge. By helping each other and working together, we can make those challenges more enjoyable and more achievable.  This week’s excursion will be to the Immigration Museum in preparation for Harmony Day.Read More →