Here are Kyra and Alicia from ESSP 2 giving their group presentation about the mystery of the pyramids. ESSP students have been working in groups, researching conspiracy theories and popular mysteries.  Using language for hypothesising and deducing, the students had to also give their opinion about what they thought the reason was for each mystery. Working in groups helps the students prepare for the kind of group projects they will be required to do when in high school and at university.  Well done Kyra and Alicia for presenting such an interesting and well-researched topic.Read More →

Last Friday ESSP classes went to the Hub at the Docklands to join in a round robin sports session as part of the ESSP Health and Well-being program. Ping pong, bowls (bocce), and basketball were the sports for the day.  All students played each sport and enjoyed the friendly competition. It is important to take care of your health by doing regular exercise.  If you would like to play more sport at the weekend and make new friends, you could think about joining a local sports club. Ask your teacher for more information about how to join  a sports club in your area.Read More →

Last week we celebrated Student Success Week at Ozford English Language Centre, to recognise the incredible efforts our students have made throughout their English Language course. An awards ceremony was held at the Ozford Student Lounge on Level 7 at 11am on Thursday morning. The categories for the awards were Academic Achievement, Personal Achievement, Service to the College, English Enthusiast and Student of the Term. We congratulate the award recipients – Ian, Yui, Alicia, Hui, Sooin, Jayanti, Gyan, William, Vaken, Sebastian, Eli, Kyra, Jenny, Julian, Catalina and Chubby, our Student of the Term. Well done to everyone for putting your best efforts and working hardRead More →

   Last Thursday 21 June, ELICOS classes went on an excursion to Strike Bowling QV. This trip allowed us the opportunity to take a break from their studies and enjoy some fun time together. This excursion was a team bonding experience as its finest! The whole group socialized and laughed together, which created a close bond between students that was visible to all staff. Some of the students experienced bowling for first time and got to flaunt their skills and ability in scoring impressively. Thank you to all those who joined this event and made it a fun experience. We would love to experience this again andRead More →

Block Delivery Model Instead of worrying of juggling multiple loads of assignments and exams, students can have an easier study life, which can help them to gain a valuable work experience (Ozford Internship placement) while studying.   From July 2018, all First Year units will be delivered via a new block delivery model to assist students’ transition into Higher Education study, so you can focus better and build up a better outcome! ozford.edu.au/higher-education/block-delivery-model/Read More →

Year 12 students have studied ‘The Golden Age’ by notable Australian authorJoan London. This text is set in the 1950’s in Perth, during the polio epidemic. It follows the struggles of a Hungarian Jewish family who flee to Australia to escape the Holocaust, only to have their son contract polio. However, it is not a story of despair, but one of survival, resilience and hope as the polio victims and their families find love, support, acceptance and the courage to face an uncertain future in the Golden Age Convalescent Home for children who have polio. Students will complete their major assessment in Week 8. BothtextsRead More →

This week we celebrated Songkran, which is the Thai New Year.  All ELICOS classes went to Albert Park Lake for a BBQ to enjoy a day of Songkran water festivities, and sports. After the BBQ, students visited the lookout tower and walk along the Formula One/Grand Prix race track.     Read More →

In support of the Good Friday Appeal, ELICOS students hit the streets of the Melbourne CBD last week to collect money for the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital. As part of the General English Skills class students engaged with the community speaking confidently to members of the general public asking for small donations for the children’s charity. The charity raised a record-breaking total of more than $18 million in the Good Friday Appeal. The students who volunteered will receive a certificate of recognition from the charity. A big thank you to all those students who gave up their time in support of such a worthy cause.Read More →

Last week the ELICOS students went to the Immigration Museum for their weekly excursion.  This tour was in preparation for Harmony Week which will be held in schools across Australia next week. We ask all students to get involved in preparing presentations for the Ozford Cultural Concert to be held on Thursday the 22ndof March. It is important to celebrate cultural diversity and the harmonious multicultural city we are so lucky to live in. Next week, ELICOS classes will focus on identity and promote cultural awareness.Read More →