Care and Support

Care and Support

At Ozford our emphasis is on providing our students with the greatest possible support.

Our comprehensive student support services include:

  • An orientation program
  • University and career advice
  • 24 Hour emergency help line
  • Pastoral care from Home group teachers, providing guidance and support for overall student well being
  • Student counselling
  • Regular university information seminars conducted at Ozford
  • Accommodation allocation
  • Airport pick up
  • Homestay arrangement
  • Accommodation arrangement assistance
  • Guardianship appointment
  • Orientation and transition assistance
  • Cultural and local life adjustment
  • Regular excursions & sports activities
  • Student counselling
  • University application and enrolment assistance
  • Study skills
  • Career advice
  • Employment recommendations
  • Video and DVD facilities
  • Library service
  • High speed Internet connection and individual logins
  • and much more.

Ozford offers more than just high quality academic courses. There is a range of comprehensive support services to students to enable and provide them with every opportunity to adjust to study and enjoy life in Australia, to achieve their learning goals and equip them for future opportunities and growth. Whatever the students’ needs are, our staff are here to help.

A glimpse of some services and support we provide to students:

Student Information Desk

This is the one-stop-centre for students to request information and seek assistance in general (non-academic) and administration matters.

Student Services Staff located at the Student Information Desk is committed to provide efficient services to all students in a student-friendly environment. The focus is on students’ needs. Students are welcomed to drop by or call to ask questions or make an online enquiry at any time of the day.

Accommodation and Airport pick up services

Ozford can arrange for students to be met at the airport and taken to their accommodation. Student need to indicate the need of this service when filling in the enrolment application form. Ozford can arrange a homestay accommodation for students according to their preference. Homestay is the recommended accommodation option for newly arrived students as it provides students an authentic cultural experience in a family setting. 

Orientation & Transition Support

All new students go through an Orientation Program during their first week of every term at Ozford. The Orientation program involves familiarisation with living and studying in Melbourne and Ozford and an opportunity for social interaction amongst the new and current students. 

Student Care and Wellbeing

The Student Welfare Officers focuses on helping students deal with their challenges in their study journey, as well as guiding and empowering them to overcome their challenges. Students are welcome to make appointment to discuss their issues with the Welfare Officers. Regular seminars and programs are organised for students to build resiliency and enhance the health and wellbeing of our students.

Staff within Ozford work as an integrated team. If there are questions that cannot be answered on the spot, staff members work in collaboration with other relevant departments to refer students to the service or individual most able to meet their need needs. This holistic approach ensures students queries are always addressed in the most efficient manner.

We look forward to welcoming you and ensuring that your learning experience is both meaningful and enjoyable.